Blade&Soul Revolution For PC, Windows 10 & Mac, Free Download

Blade&Soul Revolution For PC is a Role-Playing game just like Genshin Impact. Blade&Soul Revolution is developed on Unreal Engine 4 and if you are a developer then you may notice this every second while playing this game. This game comes with full 3D graphics, amazing gameplay, real-life battles, and much more.

How To Download Blade&Soul Revolution For PC

Blade&Soul Revolution game was official released for iOS and Android on 4th March. If you want to play this amazing game on your PC then you have to use an alternative method. This method requires the usage of an Android Emulator. So I have provided you guys with the top three Android Emulators. You can check all of them from the guide table below.

How to Download Blade&Soul Revolution on PC (Easy Steps):
✔ Download, Install and Run the Emulator.
✔ Open Google Play on Emulator to install Blade&Soul Revolution.

Download any one of the Android Emulator on your PC to play Blade&Soul Revolution For PC. The download link and the complete step-by-step installation and the configuration can be accessed from the guide table shown above. However, here is how you can install the Blade&Soul Revolution game using BlueStacks.

Blade&Soul Revolution For PC

How To Install Blade&Soul Revolution For PC

If you want to play the Android version of the Blade&Soul Revolution game then you can use the method given below to download and install it on your PC. A separate category of players loves to play the Android version of games on their PC. If you are one of them then follow this method to get Blade&Soul Revolution For Android on PC.

  • First, install an Android emulator from the guide table.
  • Now open the Android emulator and add your active Gmail account.
  • Now select the language.
  • The home screen of the emulator will appear.
  • On this screen look for Google Play Store.
  • Open it and search for Blade&Soul Revolution.
  • Click on the install button to get the app on your PC.

Blade&Soul Revolution

When you start playing Blade&Soul Revolution you have to choose from five different classes the Blade Master, Kung fu Master, Force Master, Summoner, or Destroyer. Each class has a unique playing style, weapons, and powers at their disposal. I have explained the unique abilities of some of the cases below.

Blade Master

Blade masters have a wide range of attack and block skills. Even ranged enemies pose no threat from Blade Masters. Blade Master can quickly close the gap between their targets. Moreover, their defense is quite amazing and can block strong attacks in a battle.

Blade&Soul Revolution For PC

Kung fu Master

Kung fu Masters have powerful combination attacks. Using these attacks a Kung fu Master can easily counter any attack their opponent throws at them. These counterattacks are so powerful, that they can bring your enemies to their knees and leave them defenseless. If you are up for a challenge and can skillfully use combo attacks then the path of a Kung fu Master is for you.

Force Master

The unique ability of a Force Master is that they can deal with heave ranged damage. Moreover, Force Master can easily attack multiple targets at some distance. If you want to fight against a large group of enemies and you can control the amazing skills of a Force Master then you should select the path of a Force Master.


Once you have selected the class and the character that you want to play, then it is time for you to customize the appearance of your character. There are around 16 hairstyles from which you can easily select. Moreover, there are also multiple color options, set the hair color that you like for your character in the game.

There are around 12 face expressions that you can use to give a proper look to your player. There are around 7 skin color tones from which you can select. Furthermore, there are 6 different body types to chooses from. Now your player looks are complete. You can also adjust the body types according to your likings. Now it is time for you to try some outfits for your player.

Blade&Soul Revolution For PC

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