Download Eocortex video surveillance for PC, Windows 10 and MacOS Computers for free

Get Eocortex video surveillance for PC Download on Windows and MacOS computers for free. Video Surveillance or you can say Video transmission is very hectic job to do. It’s so much time-consuming that users need to hire a separate person for the job. Large scale organizations make a separate monitoring room with staff that monitors the surroundings and indoor activities of the office. Well, the organization can afford such a massive setup. But, not everyone can afford this expense in an SME or home. Well, don’t need to do this thing. Infact you all can set the setup on your own using Eocortex video surveillance for PC.

How to Download Eocortex video surveillance on PC (Easy Steps):
✔ Download, Install and Run the Emulator.
✔ Open Google Play on Emulator to install Eocortex video surveillance.

It is a free video transmission tool that is available on computers and mobile. The installation of Eocortex video surveillance on Android is so easy. Just go the Google Play and install it. But, people don’t know how to download Eocortex video surveillance for PC. So, for them, we demonstrated a guide on How to install Eocortex video surveillance for PC indirectly.

How to Download Eocortex Video Surveillance for PC?

Eocortex video surveillance for Desktop is available officially, it is the client version. You can pair the computer with the phone using a QR code and security code. Eocortex video surveillance uses hotspot technology also to establish the connection. There is another way to download Eocortex video surveillance for PC which we wrote in the above table.

You’ll be using an Android emulator to Download Eocortex video surveillance for PC. For that, you just select one emulator from the above-provided box. So if you want to make it worth a while, BlueStacks is the best option. But if you want less RAM and CPU consumption, using Nox or LDPlayer isn’t a bad option.

After you have downloaded Eocortex video surveillance App for PC, you’ll be allowed to take advantage of this app in a different way. Because now you’ll have a mouse and keyboard to help you control the app’s activities. And it’ll be easier for you to select and transfer the file accordingly.

What is Eocortex video surveillance?

Security is an essential part of our daily life either in the household or a professional place. We need a low-cost measure to secure our surroundings. And, if we see the cheapest and effective way of security then CCTV Cameras are always on top. We just need an authentic tool that can show us live surveillance in real-time from the cameras. Your eyes may get closed for some time but cameras eyes! never! This tool owns many properties and here are its features.

Eocortex Video Surveillance for PC

Device Management

Eocortex video surveillance application offers you the ability to operate your divide management. It also helps you to customize the preferences of the mobile application with some easy-to-use features of the application.

Video Preview

Watching videos is a good experience with Eocortex mobile video surveillance applications. Additionally, the clarity of visuals and the quality of graphics on screen can brighten up your overall viewing experience. You can easily preview videos with this mobile app.

Video Playback

The video playback function of this application allows you to play video content smoothly on the screens displayed on the camera. The screen can also come from any device, be it tablets, phones, monitors, screens, video walls, or any other computer or screen.

Alarm Function & Humanoid Detection

The Eocortex Video Surveillance for PC has a built-in one-button alarm function that provides quick one-touch notification. It also has a humanoid detection feature that can be triggered to set off an alarm when the camera detects a human shape. This function solves the problem of the wrong detection rate every time motion is detected.

The humanoid detection zone setting is compatible with the selection of up to 4 zones. Users have the option to set the area however they want, and if someone enters the humanoid detection area, the camera app will trigger an alarm.

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