Hik Connect for PC, Windows 10 and MacOS – Free Download

Download Hik Connect for PC and monitor the live surveillance of the IP Camera network. The Hik Vision company is one of the most iconic CCTV camera manufacturers in the world. They are in the market for quite a long time, most of the latest technology in the CCTV camera industry is because of them. They developed the Hik Connect app for their clients. So, rather than the LEDs, LCDs screens the clients can monitor their property and concerning places from anywhere they want. The only condition is the active Wifi Connection.

Hik Connect for PC

Today, we will guide you on how to Download Hik Connect for PC. By the way, Hik Connect is no longer on Google Play. The company has stated due to some complications they can’t keep their app on Google Play anymore. Now only the official platform left for Hik Connect is the iOS. Don’t worry app removal from Google Play doesn’t mean that you cannot use the Hik Connect on Android. Have you heard of the APK file! Users who wish to install and use Hik Connect for PC or Android smartphone have to install Hik Connect APK.

How to Download Hik Connect on PC (Easy Steps):
✔ Download, Install and Run the Emulator.
✔ Open Google Play on Emulator to install Hik Connect.

Is it possible to Download Hik Connect for PC? Answer and Procedure

Here is the downloading procedure of Hik Connect for PC. Steps are mentioned in the above table. We will explain why Android Emulators are necessary for installing Hik Connect for Windows and MacOS. Android emulation is a trending technology since the previous decade.

There are a lot of apps whose PC versions are not designed. Especially when it comes to Android surveillance tools, there are very rare apps that are also available on the Web, Windows, or Mac. These apps are designed for smartphones to provide users with on the go service. But, it is a fact that people who use Laptops frequently are not addicted to smartphones. They want access to the concerning platforms on Laptop. So, for such users, we highly recommend downloading Hik Connect for PC.

Hik Connect for PC

In short, Android emulators are necessary for installing any Android app on the computer. Either select BlueStacks or Nox, download each and install Hik Connect APK into the PC.

What is Hik Connect?

Hik Connect is developed by the Hik Vision for their clients. This app connects you with the Hik Vision camera network that is assembled at different angles inside or outside your property. You can monitor the real-time surveillance. Users are well aware of what is happening, especially keeping an eye on employees is easy.

Cloud Storage

As the app is operated by such a large company so, the users enjoy a lot of facilities in the app. One of the biggest facilities Which the company provides its users with is cloud storage. Videos are probably the most storage-consuming files of smartphones. And, 24 hours a day, 7days a week, and 30 days a month video recording consume GBs of space. So, it is not possible to rely on smartphone storage for keeping the recordings. Hik Connect offers cloud storage where you can keep the backup of recordings. The Hik Vision offers enough cloud storage for this.

2-Way Communication

This function depends on your cameras, if they have speakers and microphones then this feature is useable. Through the 2-way communication, Hik Connect for PC users can communicate with anyone in front of cameras and listen to them as well. Very suitable option in a large scale setup.

Control Multiple Cameras

This app can be connected to many cameras at a time. The number of cameras is not a big deal for the app. Every camera surveillance will be shown in an individual video tab. You can maximize and minimize the tab and switch to other. Also, you can experience the multitab view.


Check out the answers to frequently asked questions about Hik Connect for PC download and usage.

Can I download Hik Connect for PC?

Ofcourse, you can download Hik Connect for PC anytime. The app is not directly available s we already described earlier. Your device have to rely on Android Emulator in order to use the Hik Connect app on PC.

How can I access my Hikvision IP camera from my computer?

The procedure of connection is the same as the Android smartphone app with cameras. The company will give you a DVR link and you can connect with all the Hik Vision Cameras. Android emulator will play the role of Android smartphone, so there is no difference.

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