How to Download iVMS 4500 for PC, Windows 10/macOS Free

Today, we will guide you on how to Download iVMS 4500 for PC. By the way, Hik Connect is no longer on Google Play. The company has stated due to some complications they can’t keep their app on Google Play anymore. Now only the official platform left for iVMS 4500 is the iOS. Don’t worry app removal from Google Play doesn’t mean that you cannot use the iVMS 4500 on Android. Have you heard of the APK file! Users who wish to install and use iVMS 4500 for PC or Android smartphones have to install iVMS 4500 APK.


iVMS 4500 is available for Android and iOS officially. Android phone and tablet users can get it from the Google Play Store and iOS users from App Store. But to download iVMS 4500 for PC we have to use the Android Emulator. The Android Emulators are such software that performs the Android emulation on the cross platforms such as Windows and macOS.

How to Download iVMS 4500 on PC (Easy Steps):
✔ Download, Install and Run the Emulator.
✔ Open Google Play on Emulator to install iVMS 4500.

In the Android Emulators menu, we have BlueStacks and Nox App Player on top. These 2 emulators are highly stable and most of the emulator users use this. They support most of the Android apps and games on PC. In our experience, the BlueStacks will act best to install iVMS 4500 for Windows PC and Nox App Player is best for installing iVMS 4500 for macOS.


We have already told you many times how to install BlueStacks and what are the requirements. If you want to read the requirements in detail visit our tutorial how to get Wyze Cam for PC Download, we had already told about requirements to install either of this emulator on PC.

What is iVMS 4500?

iVMS 4500 is one of the famous surveillance tools on Android, powered by Hik Connect. With its high-quality security system and affordable price, it has transformed the market. It is an extremely powerful surveillance device. The picturesque, zooming and electronic monitoring are provided by the camera system. The best aspect of the project is its safe iVMS 4500 PC app. With the iVMS 4500 for PC app, you will make your life simpler.

iVMS 4500 for PC

App Features

  • It is connectable with multiple cameras and enough to manage even at a large-scale setup.
  • App Supports the Hik Vision Cameras and some other brands too naturally.
  • Supports the Nigh Vision and you can clearly see anything in the dark. If and only if your cameras have a night mode.
  • The iVMS 4500 for PC app supports the Pan, Tilt and Zoom even you have a 360-degree camera of the latest generation.
  • Offers you cloud storage enough to keep the backup of a month’s recording.
  • Experience effective 2-way communication, speak and listen to anyone standing in front of the cameras.

How Safe is BlueStacks?

BlueStacks is the emulator that lets you install and use iVMS 4500 for PC and other Android apps on your computer. Behind the BlueStacks you can see some of the most powerful technology enterprises like Intel, AMD, Ignition, Andreessen Horowitz, CITRIX, Qualcomm, RedPoint, Radar Partners, and most prominent of all Samsung. We have not heard any complaints about BlueStacks regarding security and privacy breaching. But, after seeing all the aforementioned names we can say BlueStacks is extremely safe to use.

How do I access iVMS 4500 on PC?

The procedure of accessing iVMS 4500 on Android and iVMS 4500 for PC is the same. Because the Operating system is same. On Smartphone you can get the app on stock Android. While on the computer op[eating system you are getting the app on Android Emulator.


iVMS 4500 is not available for PC, as this app performs its major operation on a smartphone. So if users want to get iVMS 4500 for PC download, they have to follow the method which is written in the first section of the tutorial.


You can use the iVMS 4500 apps on your computer inside the emulator only. The iVMS 4500 for PC will perform similarly as it works on Android only the device will be different nothing else!

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