P6SLite for PC, IP Camera Setup on Windows 10 & macOS

Readers are required to perform a simple tweak to Download P6SLite for PC. But only, if they are willing to access the IP Camera Setup on Windows 10 & macOS. To be precise, I’ll be using services of third-party software to help them use this application on a computer. They also need to read the other part of this article to understand some famous facilities available in this app.

How to Download P6SLite on PC (Easy Steps):
✔ Download, Install and Run the Emulator.
✔ Open Google Play on Emulator to install P6SLite.

Installing & Using P6SLite for PC

You can use an Android emulator to Download P6SLite for PC. Because the app’s yet officially available to work on Mobile OS. You need to use a program that’ll help you emulate Android OS with ease. Using an Android emulator is your best shot for using a smartphone app on computers.

P6SLite App for PC

If you are willing to get the P6SLite App for PC, using Nox or LDPlayer will be best for you. Because the app’s designed for users who have devices with lower specifications. And, these two emulators can run perfectly on devices with 4GB or above RAM. So you can select one of the recommended emulators to get the job done.

What Is P6SLite?

P6SLite is the newer and lightweight version of the famous P6SPro app. It contains services to help individuals access remote surveillance services on slower devices. You don’t need a fully upgraded device to watch live footage of your cameras, but without having to worry about any compatibility issues, install P6SLite for Android.

Similar to the pro version, the lite version is available for free. You can easily understand to work with it without facing any complications. Because the interface of the lite version is quite user-friendly. And, if you are willing to configure your devices, you are only required to perform the perspective operations.

In-App Features

No denying that remote video surveillance is one of the finest services of P6SLite for PC. Apart from that, the app also contains several services that are hard to ignore. So I would like to help you learn such facilities that you can access without having to spend a single dollar.

1. Supported Devices

With this app, users are allowed to connect various devices. In case they only want to watch the live feed of a specific camera, configure a single device by entering its righteous details. Else, configure your digital recorders to watch the live footage of your cameras connected with that DVR/NVR.

2. Remote Playback

In case you are interested in watching the saved video, benefit from a remote playback facility. Such a service allows you to search for your videos from the app’s gallery and watch them at the time of your convenience. You simply need to enter the date and time period of a video to search it.

P6SLite for PC

3. Alarm Management

P6SLite for PC allows users to customize alarm notifications. Users can select whether to enable or disable such a facility. Similarly, change the scales of sensitivity if they want the alarm to be triggered only at suspicious activities. Receive in-app notifications or enable the email notifications as well.

4. Talkback

If you are willing to talk with the persons near your IPC, P6SLite can be of great help. Because it also helps you enable your microphone to help you talk or give voice commands. You are allowed to turn on/off the microphone of your device at any time. Once it’s enabled, you can have a nice chat for as long as you like to.

5. Easy Sharing

Individuals have the option of sharing their live feeds with people they can trust. Easily share the saved videos by hitting the share button. After clicking on the share button, select the platform on which you would like to share it. You’ll be notified when the file is shared with the selected recipient.

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