PREQUEL for PC, Photo & Video Editing on Windows 10 & macOS

Learn to understand how to use PREQUEL on PC. If you are interested in downloading PREQUEL for PC, I’ve come up with a solution to help you. I’ll describe what needs to be done to perform photo & video editing on Windows 10 & macOS. Furthermore, I’ll also provide answers to some famous queries related to this app.

How to Download PREQUEL on PC (Easy Steps):
✔ Download, Install and Run the Emulator.
✔ Open Google Play on Emulator to install PREQUEL.

Installing & Using PREQUEL for PC

Downloading PREQUEL for PC becomes easy, all credit goes to Android emulators. You can simply use such third-party programs to emulate Mobile OS to use your desired Android app on computers. No need of performing any configuration process, because everything’s configured by default.


Users who wish to get PREQUEL App for PC should be using Bluestacks or LDPlayer. I’ve tested both these emulators and find them quite handy in benefiting from Google Play Services. Though, you also have the option of uploading the PREQUEL APK file inside these emulators.

What Is PREQUEL App?

PREQUEL lets you create photos & videos with special effects. It focuses on benefiting social media influencers, who are willing to create attractive content to attract more audiences. Its easy-to-use interface allows you to create media content of your choice, simply by selecting a template of your choice.

Yes, if you are new to media editing, you can benefit a lot from this app. It contains various templates that you are only required to select. After you select a template/preset, it’s added to your media, and then you can export that newly created media on your device’s storage or share it on social media.

How Much Is PREQUEL Gold?

The free version of this app is good enough for editing photos & videos, but it also leaves a watermark on your media. So if you want to create media without any watermark, you need to subscribe for PREQUEL Gold. The premium service allows you to access all the filters and effects by paying $5 per week or $20 a month.

Is PREQUEL Dangerous?

No, PREQUEL for PC isn’t dangerous at all. The app only performs operations that you ask it to do. You can trust this app whilst allowing certain privileges. It only asks you to give access to various services, so it could properly work. No need of worrying about your data’s privacy, because it is in safe hands.

Is PREQUEL App Free?

Yes, the PREQUEL app’s basic services are free to use. You can take advantage of several basic services without having to face any online interruptions. Even if you are a free user, you are not required to follow any profiles nor watch any product promotions. Only get what you came for and leave a rating depending upon your experience.


How Do I Add Video Montage On PREQUEL?

From the main interface of PREQUEL for PC, select Montage from the available list of tools. Now select the effect that you would like to add to your montage. Once done, you can also select the video length and even customize the speed of your prequel. You are allowed to select any time frame of your choice.

How Do I Save Media From PREQUEL?

If you are willing to save edited photos & videos from PREQUEL, you can grant it access to your device’s storage. That’s the only way possible of importing and exporting videos directly from the app’s interface. Else, the app can’t store your media creations, because your device’s OS will not allow it.

What If PREQUEL App Isn’t Working?

The PREQUEL app may stop working. In such cases, you shouldn’t worry at all but only wait for a couple of minutes. The reason for such an issue can be because the app’s servers aren’t responding appropriately. So you are required to wait for a while until they back online.

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