PUBG MOBILE KR For PC – Windows 10 & Mac – Free Download

PUBG MOBILE KR For PC is the Korean version of PUBG. This version of PUBG is gaining popularity daily and many PUBG players want to try this game. PUBG MOBILE KR features some unique graphics and updates that are not found in the regular PUBG MOBILE Game.

How to Download PUBG MOBILE KR on PC (Easy Steps):
✔ Download, Install and Run the Emulator.
✔ Open Google Play on Emulator to install PUBG MOBILE KR.

How Can I Download PUBG MOBILE KR For PC

The PUBG MOBILE KR is only available in Korea and otherwise, this game is geo-restricted for the entire world. However, there are some methods that you can follow to download and install PUBG MOBILE KR For PC. Moreover, this game is only created for Mobile platforms and there is no official version that can be downloaded on a PC platform.

Using an Android Emulator

If you want the PUBG MOBILE KR For PC, then you have to download an Android emulator. Use the guide table to download and install an Android emulator on a PC. The installation method of PUBG MOBILE KR using an Android emulator is also available using the guide table. Download PUBG MOBILE KR from Google Play Store.

Download APK

Furthermore, you can also download the PUBG MOBILE KR APK from the internet. Download the APK file on your Windows or Mac system. Then you use the drag-n-drop future to install the PUBG MOBILE KR APK using an Android emulator.


You can use any VPN to change your current location to Koria and download the PUBG MOBILE KR directly from the Google Play Store. Or you can download the APK file from my trustworthy APK websites like APKpure and others.




PUBG MOBILE is a famous game due to its popularity around the world and has a huge audience of players. There are many versions of PUBG MOBILE for every kind of audience. The PUBG MOBILE is the global version that is available globally in the English language.

Furthermore, there is also the lite version of PUBG known as PUBG MOBILE Lite. This version can easily run on less powerful devices even with a 2GB Ram. The next on the list is the Chinese version of PUBG, which is only available in China and only supports the Chinese Language.

We have also seen the Indian version of PUBG which is known as Battlegrounds Mobile India. The Indian version of PUBG was released after the ban of Chinese products in India. And now there is a new version known as PUBG MOBILE KR the Korean version of the same game.


Added Features in PUBG MOBILE KR

These features were added in the PUBG MOBILE KR update 2021

New PUBG KR Medals

Many new medals have been added here is a list of some of the newly added badges.

  • Victory Ashlar: Complete 1/5/10/20 Domination TDM.
  • Alpha & Omega: Get the first and the last kill in  TDM.
  • T-800: Get the Terminator Badge one time in a TDM.
  • Battle Else: Complete different TDM missions.

PUBG KR Weapon Skins

Multiple new gun skins have been added to PUBG MOBILE KR For PC. Here is the detail of some popular weapons skins.

  • 10+ M416 Skins.
  • 6+ Kr98k Skins.
  • 9+ AWM Skins.
  • 45+ Skins are also available for other popular weapons.

Many skins are not mentioned here because there are multiple event-based skins.

PUBG KR Car Skins

A new variety of skins have been added for Dasia, Buggy, and other vehicles. Enjoy chasing your enemies with your modern vehicle skin.



There are multiple game modes that you can select in PUBG MOBILE KR For PC. There are a total of four gaming modes that include Classic, Arcade, EvoGround, and Arena. Furthermore, in Classic mode, there are five maps, in the arcade, there are three maps, EvoGround contains only one map and that is Payload 2.0, And the last Arena contains 8 TDM maps.

PUBG KR Gameplay

PUBG MOBILE KR is a looter shooter action game. Plyers have to survive the match and have to become the last person standing in the battleground to get Chicken Dinner. Like other PUBG Version, 100 players are dropped from the C-130 plane to the battleground.

The battleground is an island and before dropping on the island the player can decide where he or she wants to go and then jump from the plane. After jumping from the plane, the player can control the para shoot and change directions towards the location where he or she wants to land.

As this is a looter shooter game, players have to look for gear and weapons upon landing. Goto the nearest house or building and look for weapons, armor, clothes, first aid, and throwables. As you hear footsteps approaching you, then you can take cover or directly attack your enemy.


The main goal of this game is to kill all 99 players so you can become the last person standing. As you kill the last enemy then Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. You are the winner and your game level will be increased. Moreover, as you win more games your season rank will also increase.

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