The Spike Volleyball Story For PC – Windows 10 & Mac, Free Download

Get The Spike Volleyball Story For PC, which is a new game offered by DAERISOFT. The Spike Volleyball Story is the recreated version of its first part. This game comes with a new design and interface. You will be surprised upon playing this remastered version of The Spike Volleyball Story.

Moreover, this game is not easy to play, you have to practice to become the master of this game. The Spike Volleyball Story is officially available for Android and iOS platforms. However, in this article, I will explain the method of installation of The Spike Volleyball Story on PC.

How to Download Spike Volleyball Story on PC (Easy Steps):
✔ Download, Install and Run the Emulator.
✔ Open Google Play on Emulator to install Spike Volleyball Story.

Many gamers love to play Android games like The Spike Volleyball Story on PC. Basically, these gamers use an Android emulator to access Android games on PC. I am also going to explain a similar method on the installation of this game on PC. Use the guide table shown above to Download, Install, and Run The Spike Volleyball Story For PC.

How To Install The Spike Volleyball Story For PC

Start with the installation of an Android emulator on your PC. Select an emulator from the guide table and follow the installation method if you face any issues while installing the emulator. Furthermore, if you already have an Android emulator installed on our PC then you can also use that. However, emulators provided in the guide table are the best of the best on the internet.

Download The Spike Volleyball Story Using An Emulator

I hope you have successfully installed an Android emulator on your PC. Make sure that you add your active Gmail account. This step will activate Google Play Services on your Android emulator. Now follow the method given below to download and install The Spike Volleyball Story Game on PC.

  • Open the emulator. (This takes time)
  • Look for Google Play Store and open it.
  • Search for The Spike Volleyball Story.
  • Open the game.
  • Click on the install button.

This is how you can get The Spike Volleyball Story For PC using an Android emulator. Now open the game and start playing it and become the master of Volleyball.

Spike Volleyball Story For PC

The Spike – Volleyball Story

The Spike Volleyball Story games come with a short story that is surprisingly enough to engage players. Players can get hooked on this game as it provides a challenge to all players. Previously, I have already mentioned that this game is a little tough and as you proceed to the next level the game becomes hard and harder.

Players have to practice for some time to get the hang of Spike Volleyball Story For PC game. Once you get the hang of this game you will be hooked as it can become an addiction. Moreover, there are many amazing features of this game that you will love. Players also have the option to customize their players and can select any outfit from the wardrobe.

Features Of The Spike Volleyball Story For PC


When the game starts, you will be playing a tutorial. This tutorial helps the player in understanding the game. Here you will learn about all the moves. Moreover, you can also select from manual mode or Auto Mode. Practice your game in the Auto mode. Once you understand the game you can switch back to the Manual mode.

Spike Volleyball Story For PC


After finishing the tutorial section you will be taken to the home screen on The Spike Volleyball Story. On this screen you will have many options, At the top left corner of the screen, you will see a pencil icon. Press on the icon to change your game name. Furthermore, underneath this option, you will see your character name and all its abilities and powers. From here you can select your character before any game begins.

Moreover, at the bottom left corner of the screen, there is an option labeled as Training. Use the Training feature to play the game and train your hands for intense matches. However, you should know that if you are in Auto mode then you won’t be able to access the Training platform of the game.

Next to the training option, there is an option labeled as “Wardrobe”. From here you can change the hairstyle and color of your character, Change the clothes of your character, Equip with new and best-performing shoes, and change the Volleyball color and style.

The next option is the Store, from the store you can purchase game coins. And get the ad-free version of the games. Moreover, the next option is Achievements, After winning any match you will achieve some medals. As you complete levels, new tasks will be unlocked that you have to achieve to become the best of the best Volleyball player. Furthermore, on the bottom right corner, there is a ready button. Press this button to play the game.

Spike Volleyball Story For PC


When you click on the Ready button, two options will be prompted in front of you. These options are labeled as follows.

  • Story Mode
  • Tournament Mode.

Select the one you want to play and start playing the Spike Volleyball Story For PC game.

The Spike Tournament

When you enter the tournament mode, two options will be shown. One will allow you to enter the tournament and the second is the result page, where you can see all the results of all tournaments you have played. Select the Enter Tournament option.

In the tournament, eight layers can enter. However, you will only play three matches because winners will match with winners and others will be removed from the tournament. Win three matches in a row and become the winner of the tournament.

Spike Volleyball Story For PC

Story Mode

The story mode starts at Level 18, here you can follow the story and chat with your opponents in the locker room. and the match will start. Here you can select the location of your characters and then start the game. Play the game and win for your team.

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